Call for Entries

2010 Ashes to Art® Selections Complete

FUNERIA’s international Ashes to Art® exhibitions debuted in 2001. No one could have predicted the events of that fall when we issued our Call for Entries in April of that year through as many distribution points throughout the world as possible. Still, in spite of current events, near and far, and often because of them, artists make work that is compelling, beautiful, meaningful, and an embodiment of their own insight and experience. FUNERIA looks for the very best work, for the important purpose of honoring a unique life.

The competition to have work accepted by knowledgeable jurors has increased over the years, yet artists continue to rise to the occasion and create work of rare beauty and originality in the broadest range of media: cast crystal, glass, and bronze, forged steel, hammered copper, machined aluminum, pierced stainless steel, gold and silver embedded with gems. Also fine wood that is carved and turned, or found wood that is transformed with skill and whimsy. Other fibers include cast paper, woven and intertwining needles and stained gourds. Many mixed media pieces. An abundance of ceramic urns and vessels that are fired and formed in ancient ways and modern glazes—or not. Artwork appears that is rock hard or surprisingly biodegradable.

In the course of selecting work for the exhibitions, and then presenting it in a beautiful, well lighted and inviting gallery environment, visitors to the exhibitions are able to see themselves, or something of the character of those they love, through artists eyes. We are grateful to artists everywhere for sharing their creative gifts with us. We applaud those who seek and value art in their lives.

If you’re an artist who has either missed an opportunity to participate in one of FUNERIA‘s international competitions or are interested in having your work considered prior to our next scheduled Ashes to Art® event, bookmark this site, sign up for email advisories, or email FUNERIA regarding your interest.

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