About Us

FUNERIA is a unique international arts agency that has been leading the emerging genre for original, contemporary, thoughtfully conceived and superbly crafted funerary urns and vessels for people and our beloved animals since 2001.

Each original artist-made and artist-designed personal memorial artwork we offer, through retail channels worldwide, stands on its beauty alone and is as unique as the individual it will serve. Each embodies the creative spirit that produced it, and holds the promise of reminding us of a life we’ve loved. All are intended to contain the shell-like particles and dust of cremated individuals, at least for a time. Whether kept at home, buried, placed in a glass-fronted columbarium niche or private mausoleum, or used to scatter their contents in a place of special significance, FUNERIA® artist-made and artist-designed urns, vessels and personal memorial objects honor the life of their recipient and they honor the gifts of the artist.

For those who prefer the simplicity of a natural earth or woodland burial, we offer unique opportunities to commission hand-formed, biodegradable vessels in unfired clay, salt, paper and other earth-sourced and earth-friendly materials. We also offer site-specific memorial installations in which to place biodegradable vessels, or other ephemeral, artist-designed means of scattering ashes so that they’ll co-mingle with the earth over time.

FUNERIA is also the founder and organizer of the precedent-setting and respected Ashes to Art® exhibitions. These biennial juried exhibitions of funerary artworks attract artists from around the world who continue to set new quality and aesthetic standards in how we honor a life well-lived. All artworks shown in these much-anticipated events are selected on the strength of their unique beauty and originality by jurors who possess a deep body of knowledge and are skilled in discerning the genuine from artificial, and the ordinary from the sublime.

Among the many unique designs by artists featured in the exclusive FUNERIA Portfolio are some that are available for delivery within days. Others may require from one to several weeks to produce.

To see the most spectacular display of innovative funerary artworks being made by artists worldwide today, in a showcase that has redefined the style and purpose of contemporary cremation urns, plan to visit Art Honors Life | The Gallery at FUNERIA, nestled in a hamlet within Northern California’s premier Sonoma County vineyard region, in as area that draws visitors from throught the world and throughout the year. The gallery typically features more than 150 unique artist-made urns  in a broad range of media and prices - all of which are available for prompt shipment, barring prior sale.

Please contact us if you have an immediate need or would like assistance with your selection process.

For further information, to order artwork, or to locate a personal memorial art resource in your area through which you can purchase FUNERIA urns, vessels and personal memorial objects, call 888 829 1966 US toll free, (9 am-6 pm PST), or e-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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