Spider Mum: Pale Yellow by Carol Green and Lynn Hayes
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Spider Mum: Pale Yellow by Carol Green and Lynn Hayes

Spider Mum by Carol Green and Lynn Hayes for FUNERIA®

The Spider Mum Urn is a beautiful tribute to a flower and those who love them that, in full bloom, stretches its petals farther than seems possible from a slender stem. In doing so, it embraces us with an expression of joy and fulfillment.

The urn is good to hold—to feel the curve of the vessel as originally formed on a spinning potter's wheel by Carol Green and, at the same time, the smooth, glazed texture of the flower heads carved by Lynn Hayes as they nestle in the cup of your hands. Produced with care and dedication in America's heartland, the FUNERIA Classics Collection offers the artistic quality and beauty of all FUNERIA artworks at a uniquely affordable price.

Ceramic vessel with glassy, transparent glaze in Pale Yellow on sculpted and molded spider mum design, fully in the round and on the lid.

5 x 10.5 in/13 x 27 cm
5 lbs/2.25 kg
5 in/12.7 cm opening
260 cubic inch capacity

Available exclusively through FUNERIA Authorized Resellers. Please contact FUNERIA for more information.

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