Dove with California Poppies by Nancy Arthur-McGehee
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Dove with California Poppies by Nancy Arthur-McGehee


Working closely with a respected glassblower, Buzz Blodgett, Nancy seeks several important elements prior to beginning her fastidious engraving process. She wants the shape of her urns to function so that the person carrying it would do so with cupped hands embracing it. She wants rich, saturated color.

Nancy finds inspiration for her designs in her garden, in the ocean and her beloved shoreline. She spends many hours sketching and then engraving using a range of techniques that include diamond tip engraving (both stationary and rotary tool) and sandblasting (both surface etch and deep layered “stage blasting”). She has engraved glass for nearly three decades, honing her creative skills at the Pilchuck Glass School, Pittsburgh Glass Center, and Penland School of Craft under the tutelage of masters… in the course of which she has acquired superb and distinctive mastery that is her own. Please call the gallery to inquire about current availability.

Engraved cameo glass

6.5 x 6 in/16.5 x 15 cm
5 lbs/2.3 kg
87 cubic inch capacity


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