Tattoo Urn (Goldfish) by Susan Bach
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Tattoo Urn (Goldfish) by Susan Bach

Radiant Urns by Susan Bach for FUNERIAŽ

For Bach, working in clay is a marvelous mixture of delight and difficulty. Clay can be formed into so many shapes. It is radiant with color. Its hardness is an asset to its function. It can be broken into many pieces yet reassembled as an wonderfully complex mosaic. It is analogous to the fascinating and transformative nature of human beings.

The artist works with her material in a non traditional way. She creates highly patterned, decorative vessels. Each piece is fashioned from white earthenware with combinations that may include underglaze, low fire glaze, overglaze transfers and gold luster or 22K gold leaf. Examples of Bach's work and subject matter range from commissions that cleverly and beautifully recreate personal tattoos, bold emblems of ethnicity and identity, and vivid depictions of the natural world.

Low fire earthenware with glaze

15.5 x 4.5 in/39 x 11.4 cm
4 lbs/2 kg
79 cubic inch capacity


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