Hunebedden Pair by Karen Aumann
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Hunebedden Pair by Karen Aumann

Hunebedden Urns by Karen Aumann for FUNERIAŽ

Hand thrown, sawdust-fired, burnished terracotta clay vessels

These comforting vessels are delightful to hold. The surfaces are burnished terracotta, which is warm and smooth to the touch, and the contours that the artist has formed with her hands can be followed by our own. Both aspects help to connect us to a creative process, to the natural world, and in these Hunebedden Urns to history as well. The stone-like shapes refer to the pre-historic northern European megalithic tomb structures built by Neolithic farming communities called hunebedden that the artist found scattered throughout northern Germany and Holland while traveling and studying during a sabbatical trip in 2003. Each of the vessels she creates share complementary contours, while remaining unique.

Dimensions are for each urn
11 x 6 in/27.9 x 15.2 cm
2.5 lbs/1.1 kg
135 cubic inch capacity

$780 (pair)

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