Spiral Urn: Cerulean by Carol Green
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Spiral Urn: Cerulean by Carol Green

By Carol Green for FUNERIA®

This exclusive design for FUNERIA stands on its merits as an artwork alone—an object that will serve with style and ease when needed, but is utterly enjoyable well before. It is a beautifully proportioned urn that sits confidently in place. It exudes calm and serenity, elegance and quiet strength. This is a superb example of the artist’s multiple talents as both potter and metalsmith. She marries the two mediums with such ease that only beauty remains of the work that was applied to creating this form, and for this purpose.

Carol Green is one of FUNERIA’s foremost artists and her glazed ceramic urns with metal lids are based on her most highly prized and award winning designs. The Spiral Urn, available in two glaze choices, sparkles with rich, shimmering color. The elegant lids, hand cast and of substantial weight, are available in a variety of luxurious metals and finishes. They rest on an interior rim that permits easy sealing.

Ceramic urn in rich cerulean glaze (as shown) with the following lid options: hand cast bronze (as shown); hand cast bronze with satin nickel finish; hand cast sterling silver.

9 x 7.5 in/23 x 19 cm
4 lbs/2.3 kg
2 in/5 cm opening
195 cubic inch capacity

Available exclusively through FUNERIA Authorized Resellers. Please contact FUNERIA for more information.

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