Hunebedden Family by Karen Aumann
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Hunebedden Family by Karen Aumann

Hunebedden Family by Karen Aumann for FUNERIA®

Hand thrown porcelain clay vessels

Individually, and as a group, these are charming, thoughtfully conceived and beautifully crafted urns. Their elegant simplicity stems from the artist’s inspiration in the stone-like shapes she observed in pre-historic megalithic tomb structures built by Neolithic farming communities throughout northern Europe. Each of these vessels is wonderful to touch and hold and reflects a sense of fine balance. Combined, they are particularly lovely as urns that may each contain all or a portion of a loved one’s ashes (human or a beloved pet) that would then be shared by family members or dear friends and companions. Please call the gallery to inquire about current availability.

Dimensions vary slightly and apply to each urn

9.5 x 6 in/24 x 15.2 cm
2.5 lbs/1.1 kg
95 cubic inch capacity

$1500 set of 5

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