Celtic Urn by Carol Green and Lynn Hayes
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Celtic Urn by Carol Green and Lynn Hayes

Celtic Urn by Carol Green and Lynn Hayes for FUNERIAŽ

The Celtic Urn is a design that conveys stature, confidence and warmth through its generously arching proportions. It features an exquisite and delicately hand-carved intertwining knot detail on both the face of the urn and the crest of its sheltering lid. It is glazed to perfection in a deep celadon green, while the striking contrast in its ivory knot detail helps us imagine light filtering through an ancient window.

Produced with care and dedication in America's heartland, the FUNERIA Classics Collection offers the artistic quality and beauty of all FUNERIA artworks at a uniquely affodable price.

Ceramic vessel with intertwining Celtic Knot pattern embedded vertically in front with additional detail at crest of lid. A unique combination of oxide and warm celadon glazes.

9.5 x 7.75 in/ 24 x 20 cm
5.5 lbs/2.5 kg
5 in/12.7 cm opening
347 cubic inch capacity

Available exclusively through FUNERIA Authorized Resellers. Please contact FUNERIA for more information.

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