Patchwork Urn by Darlene Davis
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Patchwork Urn by Darlene Davis

Pillow Boxes by Darlene Davis for FUNERIA®

Ceramic stoneware

Among the most charming and boldly styled pieces available in FUNERIA’s Art Honors Life® The Gallery at FUNERIA are these ceramic stoneware “pillows”. Davis’s smaller pillows were introduced at the 3rd biennial Ashes to Art exhibition that opened at the ICE BOX at Crane Arts in Philadelphia, PA in 2006. They were then installed at New York's Onishi Gallery in Chelsea, June 2007, for Ashes to Art® | Modern Kuyo. In describing her work, Davis says,

“The pillows began with the idea of the illusion of air within a hard ceramic surface. While exploring the capturing of air within the clay body, soft shapes evolved. It was as if the idea created itself. From there, every container had a lid, to keep the air inside. Each container had to exhibit an “in” breath, creating an expansive feeling as if the shapes were alive."

Each pillow box is unique and subject to prior sale. Large pillows are sized appropriately to contain the ashes of an average adult while small ones are sized for children, their pets, or for keeping as much as half of an adult individual’s ashes when the rest are scattered or shared among family and loved ones.

6 x 11 in/15.2 x 28 cm
3 lbs/1.4 kg
300 cubic inch capacity


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